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CDClick i-Studio

Download CDClick i-Studio for Free Download CDClick i-Studio (Latest Version:

CDClick i-Studio - Create, Burn and Print your disc online or with your personal computer. An easy way to get CD, DVD, Blu Ray in the Cloud Computing area.
Do you want manage your CD, DVD, Blu Ray project in just one way? CDClick i-Studio is the best way to create, manage, burn, upload....your multimedia project.

With i-Studio you can follow easy steps to get your professional disc; you can import your image, tracking list, data, video content and your packaging. But the most important thing is that WYSIWYG.

In addition with i-Studio you have a Perfect Clone: thanks to our proprietary CUE and BIN master disc characterization, i-Studio offers unrivaled accuracy in cloning and verifying your discs.

And i-Studio is CDisc Rescue: the i-Studio CD Rescue has been designed to work so hard on the Master Discs that it is able to read and copy most of the marginal BD/ CD/DVD that any conventional copier or the PC is unable to read (without "skipping the bad blocks).

So take the chance to use i-Studio and, in case, upload the project with CD-Click's SafeGuard.

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